Chairman of the Partners Board at EY Poland

Former Prime Minister of Poland, Minister for European Integration, co-founder of the Liberal-Democratic Congress and Freedom Union, and the Executive Director at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
in London, Jan Krzysztof Bielecki has been active on the political and economic stage for over two decades. He was the President and Chief Executive Officer at Pekao Bank S.A. from October 2003 until January 2010. From 2008 until 2013 he was a Member of the Board of Trustees of the National Museum. In 2013 Ministry of Culture and National Heritage extended his membership in the Board of Trustees until 2018. 

In November 2009 he was appointed as the President of the Polish Institute of International Affairs Council (PISM) and served until December 2015. It is a leading and independent think-tank that conducts original, policy-focused research. PISM provides advice to all branches of government and contributes to wider debates on international relations in Europe and beyond. 

In March 2010 he was nominated by Prime Minister Donald Tusk as the Chairman of the Economic Council and served until December 2014. The primary task of it is to provide the Prime Minister with an independent and objective opinions both on the current and planned government activities. Another objective of the Council is to assess Poland’s socio-economic situation in comparison with other emerging as well as developed economies.
In January 2015 Mr Bielecki joined EY Poland as Chairman of the Partners Board.